Build & Operate High Performing Sharing Programs

Sharing as a Service™ is the nation’s first fully-integrated platform for developing, managing and growing Healthcare Sharing Programs that are based on the principles of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Sharing.

Four icons showing the four principles of P2P sharing our icons showing the four principles of P2P sharing

Development Services

Accelerate the growth, scale and development of your Healthcare Sharing Programs

Enrollment Services

Capture, convert and activate new members into a fully-digital and interactive sharing community

Member Services

Manage and optimize the member experience across the entire Sharing Value Chain

Sharing Services

Deploy a P2P sharing process that enables a more fiscally sound approach to sharing

Sharable is medical expense cost sharing services in the form of a program for medical expense cost sharing between members, through the intake of member funds and payment distribution to medical providers. Sharable's Software As a Service (SASS) services features software for database management and accounting of intake member funds for distribution to medical providers and other members in the field of medical cost sharing. 

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Pay Less for Medical Services

Employ a collection of Cost Containment Services that are engineered to capture lower costs, drive Provider acceptance and ensure an optimal Member Experience.

Engineer, Optimize, & Sustain Service Excellence

Lever Performance Engineering and Business Architecture Services capable of fully-integrating the Sharing Value Chain... proven to deliver and sustain service excellence.

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